Nichola Firth

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You died when you were only young.
I didn't have the time.
To watch you while you went and slept,
To cuddle you when you whine.
And now your gone, what can I do?
But wish I could turn back the clock
I didn't mean to hurt you,
To me, you meant a lot.
As you laid dead in your cradle,
I cried a million tears.
I loved you more than anything,
you were worth all my fears.
I'm sorry you had to go my love,
I 'd do anything for you back.
I pray that you are happy now,
Laid buried in a sack.

Nichola Firth



Sorry! For all I've done,
I won't get in your way.
and by the time you read this,
On my death bed I'll lay.
I'm worthless and lonely,
So I think this is for the best.
I needed to kill myself,
and put myself at rest.
Not like anyone will care,
or anyone will bother.
I was just a silly kid,
who was hated by his mother.
I do not want a funeral,
Don't go the expense.
Just chuck me away in the rubbish,
you know that it makes sense.
Give all my stuff to the poor,
and burn all the pictures of me.
I don't want anyone to know,
That I've been so cowardly.
Nichola Firth


Selfish - Sequel to 'Suicide note'

Why did you take your life?
Did I do anything wrong.
Don't you know you have taken a part of me?
For heavens sake I'm your mom.
Your're the only thing I wanted.
You were my life's only goal.
How dare you go and take it.
You were my life, My soul.
We all miss you dearly,
How could you be so cruel?
Didn't you think I loved you?
I know life is a duel.
You took away my happiness,
My heart you broke in two.
What could make you do this?
What made you feel so blue?
I just hope you're out there,
And your pain has gone away,
If i knew i could have helped you,
It didn't have to be this way.
Nichola Firth


Eating is a sin

Food, I really hate the stuff,
The smell alone makes me gyp.
I'm far too fat and ugly to eat,
There's 1000's of calories in each chip.
My stomach and cheeks are really drawn in,
But not far enough.
My legs are too chubby and wide,
My face, I refuse to stuff.
Admit I have a problem?
A problem, I see none.
I'm just big and ugly,
My appetites just gone.
I just want to be skinny,
Thin and pretty too.
No one will like me like this,
It's what I want to do.
Nobody can stop me!
You can never be too thin.
Being sick is easy,
Eating is a sin.
Nichola Firth


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